Fuel Management Solution

 Easy FuelPlus 

EasyFuelPlus is OTI PetroSmart’s scalable automated fuel management solution aimed at ensuring that the right amount of the right type of fuel is dispensed into the right vehicle. It is available for both fixed and mobile refuelling scenarios, and is the ideal solution for manging the refuelling of any vehicle or machine. 

  • Only when the correct fuel is selected and the nozzle fully inserted in the fuel tank inlet will the transaction be approved and fuel dispensed into the vehicle
  • EasyFuelPlus is fully secure, supports advanced business rules, and can imitate traditional fleet/fuel cards
  • EasyFuelPlus utilizes a safe and secure system of RF tags and transmitters attached to pump nozzles and vehicles, all designed to meet the requirements for operating in a hazardous area
  • EasyFuelPlus works with all nozzle types, no cables are required, very easy to install

How does it work?


  • Installed in stations, tankers, fuel tanks, etc.
  • Tracks mileage/hours & fuel consumption
  • Prevent unauthorized use and theft of fuel
  • Vehicle & operator identification
  • Simple installation, no infrastructure change


  • Monitor fuel level, temperature and water level in remote locations
  • Suitable for any environment
  • Supports user-defined alert triggers for real-time notification


SmartLog 4 - FLS is an integrated fuel level solution for generators, mobile tanks, and stationary fuel tanks. SmartLog 4 - FLS delivers fuel level information directly to EDT’s WorldFleetLog Web-based management application for analysis and automatic alert and report generation.


SmartLog 4 - FLS supports fuel level sensors with either analog or serial data output for the following applications:

  • Stationary fuel tanks
  • Mobile (Vehicle) fuel tanks
  • Generators with integrated fuel gauge
  • Generators with external fuel level sensor

Main Features:

  • High precision fuel measurement
  • Wide range of possible probe lengths, depending on probe model.
  • Easy to install the probe. No need to sink the probe into the tank before the calibration
  • Light weight (300 g)

Supported Probes:

  • SmartLog 4 - FLS-ES
  • SmartLog 4 - FLS-EN

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