DataDots are tiny microscopic discs (microdots), that contain unique information that’s linked to your property and you. As small as a grain of sand, DataDots are recognised as being one of the most effective ways of preventing theft, and play a crucial role in the recovery and return of stolen goods. The unique laser etched code on the DataDot is stored on our national and worldwide verification database. DataDots can be brushed or sprayed onto assets, and stay there for the life of the asset.

Keystone ICT has patented its own innovative spray process, which can now spray a complete car in less than 60 seconds. A car can be fitted with thousands of DataDots, most often applied at the place of assembly, importation facility, or in the aftermarket through dealers.

DataDots can be detected with a UV light due to DataTraceDNA which is included in the adhesive as an invisible or ‘covert’ marker, providing absolute proof of product, and supplying an additional layer of security. The unique code on the DataDot can read with a simple magnifying device – no complicated forensic investigation necessary. DataDots are most widely used to protect motor vehicles, motor cycles, trailers, marine craft, home, business and personal assets.

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