Mobile & Stationery Digital Video Recorders

Mobile DVR

The SML4-CMR-MU-4 uses cellular and wireless technologies to stream high-quality live or recorded video from vehicles to remote client devices. Connections between video gateways and client applications can be established through a variety of types of IP-based networks - the Internet, cellular networks, LANs, and WLANs - using cable/DSL lines, cellular modems, or standard telephone lines

Main Features:
»» View video feed via WorldFleetLog
»» Support for a closed-circuit monitor enables
»» drivers to see what is going on in every corner of the vehicle at a glance
»» Built-in WiFi can be used to create a WiFi hotspot to provide Internet service to passengers, or to facilitate wireless backup of video stored locally on the DVR

Supported Perpheral Devices:
»» Up to 4 indoor or outdoor cameras
»» SIM-free USB modem

Cameras for Mobile DVR

The SML4-CMR-MU-4 supports indoor and outdoor cameras for a wide range of applications.

Main Features:
»» Indoor/outdoor performance
»» Functions over a wide range of ambient light conditions

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